World Aspergillosis Day February 1st 2022

This year will mark the fifth World Aspergillosis Day (WAD 2022).

The aim of World Aspergillosis Day is to raise awareness of a fungal infection that is often under-diagnosed like many other fungal infections worldwide. Diagnosis of aspergillosis is complex and requires specialist expertise (e.g. UK National Aspergillosis Centre, a European Confederation of Medical Mycology Cente of Excellence), but it also frequently occurs alongside much more common illnesses such as asthma, tuberculosis, COPD. A typical patient experience is the mistaken diagnosis of lung cancer, when in fact, they have fungal nodules in their lungs.

This year, we will be highlighting the experiences of those living with aspergillosis and looking at the impact of the disease.

Take a look at the National Aspergillosis Centre Day recordings