World Aspergillosis Day is supported by individuals and organisations from across the globe. The aim of everyone supporting the day is to raise awareness of aspergillosis.

We need to:

  • Ensure that clinicians are more aware and better informed about aspergillosis
  • Improve awareness of chronic types of aspergillosis in the general public.
  • Reach out to organisations who might be able to increase funding to develop new diagnostics worldwide
  • Increase research into the risk factors, causes, diagnosis and treatment of all forms of aspergillosis

To achieve these objectives people living with aspergillosis are hosting coffee mornings, academics and clinicians are attending conferences, research teams are hosting educational webinars and public health campaign posters are being displayed.

Take a look to find out more about World Aspergillosis Day events and activities. Join in on social media using #worldaspergillosisday