National Aspergillosis Centre Seminar Series 2022

This year for World Aspergillosis Day the National Aspergillosis Centre held a series of talks from clinicians and patients about aspergillosis. The event was a resounding success (even with a few technical glitches), with 160 people attending across the day for the various talks. 

Below are the recorded talks and PowerPoint presentations from the day.

During the talks, we offered the option to ask questions in the Zoom chat. If after you have watched the recorded video of the meeting you also wish to ask a question please contact us at

How the National Aspergillosis Centre came to be Chris Harris, NAC Manager

Who gets aspergillosis? Caroline Baxter, NAC Clinical Lead

How do we detect aspergillosis? Lily Novak Frazer, MRCM (diagnostics)

How do we treat aspergillosis? Chris Kosmidis, NAC Consultant


Are antifungal drugs complicated to use? Fiona Lynch, Specialist Pharmacist


Helping patients live with aspergillosis Phil Langridge & Mairead Hughes,  Specialist Aspergillosis Physiotherapists & Jenny White, Aspergillosis Specialist Nurse

Patient Stories: Living with aspergillosis

A series of stories from four patients, in which they discuss diagnosis, impact and management. All our patient stories can be found here. 

MFIG research in Manchester Angela Brennan

MRC Centre for Medical Mycology, Aspergillosis Research, Elaine Bignell


European Lung Foundation Advocating for patients, involving patients in research across Europe