Each day as it comes

My hubby first took ill in December 2008. A niggling cough that annoyed me more than him, i took him to the doctors who sent him for an Xray. He collapsed as we entered the hospital. Within two days he was in intensive care fighting for his life.

He came out of the coma in February 2009. He left the hospital in June 2009 – the cause – extensive double pneumonia and sepsis. Two massive heart attacks and myopathy along with grade four pressure sores. He had to learn to walk, talk, everything all over again. He was 15 stone when he was admitted, he was 5 stone when he came home.

Hospital bed in living room, portable chest drain in, 30 plus medications a day. Oh yes it was overwhelming – pure determination on both sides and help from doctors, district nurses and physios helped get hubby back on his feet.

He also has COPD and Brochiecstasis in 2012 he was diagnosed with aspergillosis. Within 6 months he was chronic. He has done all the treatments available to him today in clinic we were told all his levels are high and the aspergillosis is active in both blood & sputum. He finished his second micafungin IV treatment on 22nd December 2017.

Its been hard juggling family life and looking after him we know what the future holds and are making the most of everyday with family, friends and our first grandchild who is 2 weeks old.

Learning all you can about medical conditions you are diagnosed with and educating yourself on what works best for you is a bonus. No matter how hard some days may be, finding an escape be it music a puzzle book, Facebook chatting to friends, it all helps.

Support groups are fantastic as you can learn from and help each other through the good and too often bad times. The patience, understanding and love get you through talking and not bottling feelings is vital.

Stress brought on hair loss, early menopause and chronic insomnia with me. I then learned to share how I was feeling and things are now a lot less stressful. Spend most of my time at appointments with my hubby & son as he also has to attend hospital since being diagnosed with a tumour in his eye. It’s not cancer, so that’s a bonus. That’s my story as a carer. Each day as it comes and find something positive in it to help you through x

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